We all have our chosen mode of intelligence. The trick is to maintain our chosen mode of agency. It often seems the only option is to maneuver between spaces and collect leaking information. We navigate, investigate, we dive, resurface, we absorb, we form connections. But within an infrastructure designed to capitalize its passive recipients consuming knowledge is not enough. Hyper-awareness can be paralyzing.

There is a way to metabolize complexity and not lose ourselves to it. What does it take to practice this level of sensitivity?

It means asking more questions than you can answer. It means trying to answer anyway. It means diversifying beyond categorization. It means playing weird temporal rhythms and breaching intangible boundaries (spatial, psychological, legal). Sometimes it means letting the world wash over you, letting the feeling of it fill you up until you’re overwhelmed. It means building tools. Here between the stacks poiesis pwns praxis. Living on the absolute edge you can only deploy into the future.



  • Areas of Interest

    Our world is governed by networked systems of identity, agency, and value. I am interested in understanding and shaping these systems.

  • Consulting

    Culture, tools, and markets are infrastructure upon which system-level changes can be architected. As a consultant, I develop and execute bespoke product, brand, and go-to-market strategies with my clients and collaborators.

    Presently I am available in an advisory capacity to small companies and cultural institutions.

  • Writing

    Working with theory, language, and ideas is more necessary than ever to comprehend our environment. My public thinking is collected at Subpixel Space.